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misetekure_je's Journal

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Art / Johnny's Entertainment

Welcome to the Johnny's Entertainment Fan Art Community! 

Misetekure is a Johnny's entertainment Fan Art Community for all the artists and art appreciators in the Johnny's Entertainment communities. Please feel free to share, request, and comment on the artworks. Also please feel free to share your interpretations of your favorite member/band! So Don't be Shy, because we are definitely looking forward to seeing you, and your artworks! 

Community Rules:
o Bashing of specific members or groups of a certain Johnny's group will NOT be tolerated!
o Simple immature comments such as "This sucks," or "The eye looks weird" are unacceptable in this community. Please provide constructive criticism when you comment on the artists' artworks. 
o Unless you have the artist's approval, using artworks posted on this community for personal or commercial purposes are not accepted.

Posting Rules:
o Please include a title, the members/bands represented, preview picture
  (Optional: supplies used, estimated time spent, artist comments, links to other art galleries)
o Tags! Please tag your artwork in manner of, JE group, member, Username, and Status of Artwork.
  (X-rated pictures are accepted, but please  please use the "X-rated" tag)

If you are a new member with a handful of Fan-artworks, feel free to start out on this community with a spam post of your Johnny's Entertainment related artworks as an introduction. Please specify your name (nickname), age, number of years you have been drawing, inspirations, favorite medium. Also, please include your favorite JE-fandom and favorite JE boys. If you have other art galleries, feel free to include a link (ie: Deviantart, personal website) There will also be a tag specific for “Art Spam Post,” so please tag all that apply to your post.


If you have questions that need further clarification, please feel free to contact either Kaos-felida, or Fishdot